Jule Amps Brenda K ampThe Equipment list at Veneto West combines much of the best of analog and digital technology. The recording equipment and instruments are constantly changing as we continue to search for the best sounds and managing an ever changing industry. This list is not always accurate.

D&R Triton 70 channel (120 input) analog console

Jule Amps “Brenda K” 12 watt custom hand build guitar head
WEM Copycat Tape delay -Jimmy Page style delay
Rivera TBR2-SL crazy complicated two channel guitar head

RCM-2R Custom built tube spring reverb
Quad Eight MM71 modules (x2) These used to belong to Neil Young
A Designs Pacificas (4 channels) Mic pres
A Designs MP-1A Mic pre
Quad Eight gate card – not actually working
NTI (Nightpro) PreQ3 (2 channels) Mic pre with airband EQ
Apogee AD16X converter

The Nail Compressor by A DesignsCranesong HEDD convert

Lavry DA10 (x2)
Pro Tools HD

KOS Timeline 12 bit delay not actually working
Emperical Labs Distressor EL8X (x2) compressors
SPL Transient Designer (4 channels)
Pete’s Place BAC500 prototype compressor
Drawmer DS 210 Gate (2 channels)
FMR Audio RNLA limiter
FRM Audio RNC compressor
Maag EQ2 (x2)
SansAmp PSA-1 never used for guitars
Lexicon PCM90 reverb
Digitech IPS 33B

Eventide H3000

TC Electronics 2290
Electrix Filter Factory

dark rack-logoBerhinger Headphone amp
Hear Tech. Hearback Headphone stystem
Empirical Labs Lil Freq EQ

A Designs EM-PEQ (x2) Passive EQ

A Designs EM-EQ2
Manley Vari-Mu  compressor
A Designs Hammer (HM2-EQ) EQ

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