RCM-mask4chucksVeneto West offers mastering services with Ronan Chris Murphy for clients around the world. Over the last several years we have added tens of thousands of dollars worth of high end audio processing and monitoring to better serve our mastering clients, while still trying got keep our rates affordable for independent artists and labels.

Mastering with Ronan at Veneto West is an ideal choice for artists, labels and music libraries that are looking to have their music mastered by an engineer with decades of
experience, top of the line digital and analog gear, and custom monitoring, but still want to pay fair rates that works for their budgets.

Control room square 512Most clients choose Veneto West specifically to have Ronan’s input and expertise to bring their projects to the next level. He has over 25 years of studio experience and has mastered projects for the likes of King Crimson, Nels Cline & GE Stinson, Alexia Vassiliou and Joan LaBarbara, as well as many indie artists.

The Studio at Veneto West has the latest in advanced software based mastering tools, and an extensive collection of high end analog processing, including:

FAR Audio BB-3215

Manley Vari-Mu tube compressor

Maag EQ2 Airband EQ

A Designs Hammer tube solid state hybrid EQ

A Designs EM-PEQ and EM-EQ2 passive Pul-Tec style EQs

Night Technologies PreQ-3 Vari-Air band EQ

Quad Eight MM-71 EQ (once owned by Neil Young)


The rate for mastering with Ronan Chris Murphy for independent labels and artist is $75/song (mastering from a stereo mix). This includes the original mastering plus up to two revisions if needed. Additional revision work is billed at $125 (billed in 15 minute increments)

Major label work and work for film television or any non “record” work with Ronan Chris Murphy is $125/song.

Mastering from stems is billed at $125/hour. We are happy to discuss your project in advance to help make an estimate of costs.

Audio Restoration services are $125/hour.

If we are sequencing and creating the PMCD or DDP master for you the fee is $15/song with a $75 minimum.

Mix consulting rates start as low as $45. This service allows you to get feedback from Ronan on your mixes before your mastering session. Get info here.

Mastering with Diego Lopez is $45/song.

*Please note our equipment list is subject to change.